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    HCR Modeling # 44: Soldiers through the Ages - Mohicans
marmoset lowpoly

Zbrush - mouse sculpting
HCR MINI-Challenge

HRC Mdeling # 43: Magic Door

Welcome to the challenge!
Thanks Roberto.
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HCR MINI-Challenge #43: Magic Door - Gates of Hell

 Work in progress! 01.2015

KeyShot experience - very nice render!

Ich war in letzter Zeit mal wieder etwas experimentierfreudiger!

keyshot experience

Speed Modeling (quicky) - sad child screengrap:

 Zbrush Wip:


 work in progress MK2 - Kintaro

                      CGTALK_HCH39__leviathan (Seeungeheuer) - Verold real-time rendering.




                                        CG Society - Ray Harryhausen - Mini Challenges Hmc#38 - Centaur

                      CGTALK_HCR MINI-Challenge #33: Masters of Anime

                 Dominace War V: Lowpoly warm-up mini Challenges.
                 Texture maps: Color, Spec, Occ